Saturday, March 25, 2017

SOLSC #25 - My stomach aches...and it's a good thing

For the fourth year, I am participating in the SOLSC and guiding students from my classroom and my school on the same writing journey. Here is the link to our school blog and the 15-20 students who are participating in the Classroom Challenge.

My Stomach Aches...and it's a good thing

Before the break of dawn:
The stars winked out
The last sliver of the old moon's pulled the sun over the horizon
Peach brushed the sky;
We gathered

Coffee mugs carefully wrapped around each other,
Morning embraces and high fives
Quick catch-up, and then,
We overcame group inertia
And were off

Foil wrapped breakfast sandwiches
More coffee
A bathroom break
Sixty minutes wedged into the backseat with three not-small men,
We unfolded our limbs into
Crisp morning dew,
Steam from the river,
The disc golf course

Two rounds of play
Peppered with insults, jokes, fist bumps,
The eight of us took everything too far,
Built joke upon joke,
Laugh upon laugh,
And couldn't have been happier

My stomach aches.
Cheek muscles exhausted.
Laugh lines deeper than before.
Belly and heart overfull.

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