Wednesday, March 22, 2017

SOLSC #22 - Magic Blue Blanket

For the fourth year, I am participating in the SOLSC and guiding students from my classroom and my school on the same writing journey. Here is the link to our school blog and the 15-20 students who are participating in the Classroom Challenge.

Magic Blue Blanket

In my house is a magic blue blanket. It usually lays on one of the couches in the living room unless it had been appropriated for a fort. It's a soft blue pile material that is great for wrapping oneself in and cuddling up. 

But that's not why it's magic.

It's magic because once it has been placed onto a lap, it calls to one of my cats, like a Siren called to Odysseus. Upon seeing it's blue coziness spread out over legs, Pip will immediately march from wherever she is and lay down. And while Pip is not the most friendly cat with strangers, so long as the magic blue blanket is involved, she is there and purring away. 

So tonight, I will take a few minutes on the couch, put the blanket on my lap, and smile knowingly at my wife, as Pip treads over for a cuddle.


  1. my cat has a purple one, plus extras on chair and sofa backs. PS did you know that March 17th is also St Gertrude's day -- she's the patron saint of cats

  2. This was wonderful! Your imagery created a perfect picture for me to see your sweet cat and the special blanket. Thanks for sharing!