Friday, March 24, 2017

SOLSC #24 - Dandelions

For the fourth year, I am participating in the SOLSC and guiding students from my classroom and my school on the same writing journey. Here is the link to our school blog and the 15-20 students who are participating in the Classroom Challenge.

One Million Dandelions

It's been a dry winter in Denver and until yesterday, we had gotten less than a tenth of an inch of precipitation in March. Last night, it rained, sleet/snowed and got everything nice and wet.

Today, it was in the 50s, windy and the skies were sunny when the clouds were not racing by. I got home after school and went outside to check for eggs in the chicken coop. While my eyes were initially drawn to the bright daffodils and I was checking for tulips to be budding, I suddenly realized that my lawn was dotted with dozens of dandelions. 

I know they were not there yesterday. 

Obviously the roots and leaves were there, camouflaged in my grass. But after just a spot of moisture, the leaves were bright green on the brown-green grass and the yellow flowers had just appeared as if the dandelion fairy had visited.

How long before they burst into the little puffballs of seeds that my daughter won't let me do anything about since they are so fun to blow?

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